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NIASA successfully completes another Project in the Nuclear sector, this time with EDF in France


  • NIASA's collaboration with companies in the field in different European countries has been going on for more than 20 years, both in the construction and in the operation/maintenance and dismantling of nuclear plants.
  • The applications for NIASA Products are very diverse: Work platforms for people, Material elevators, Container handling, Door opening, Crane hooks, Inspection systems in one or several axes, etc.

The supplied Screw Jacks will operate the access hatches to the reactor building. In the construction phase they will allow the entry of people and the introduction of materials, including the vessel itself. During the operation of the plant they will contribute to ensure the integrity of the internal containment. And if an accident were to happen, they would maintain internal pressure and limit the release of radioactive waste.

The design of the Equipment was based on NIASA Standard Products, although with significant redesigns to adapt them to the Project's requirements:

REQUIREMENT                                       SOLUTION

Radiation resistance                     =        Change materials, lubricants, other products.

Seismic Classification                   =        Appropriate design and safety factors.

Corrosion resistance                     =        Special materials and coatings.

Mechanical irreversibility              =        Screw ratio, reduction and geometry modification

Wear bronze worm wheel in J1    =        Gearbox redesign + Wear control system.

Customer Engines                         =        Custom interfaces.

The main specifications to be met, in addition to theoretically, were verified via tests at the NIASA test benches and with the presence of our Client's Engineers.


Model: NIASA J1S

  • Load capacity:            Up to 110 kN
  • Useful stroke:             1.530 mm
  • Speed:                         4 mm/s
  • Weight approx.:          110 kg (without engine)
  • Others:                        Mechanical irreversibility / Mechanical limits / Limit switches /
  •                                    Anti-rotation spindle / Trapezoidal thread wear inspection …

Model: NIASA J4S

  • Load capacity:            Up to 270 kN
  • Useful stroke:             130 mm
  • Speed:                         -
  • Weight approx.:          100 kg
  • Others:                       Mechanical irreversibility / Mechanical limits / Anti-rotation spindle /
  • Manual override / …

Model: NIASA M3S

  • Load capacity:            Up to 1 kN
  • Useful stroke:             170 mm
  • Speed:                         4 mm/s
  • Weight approx.:          20 kg (without engine)
  • Others:                       Mechanical irreversibility / Mechanical limits / Limit switches /
  •                                    Anti-rotation spindle / …

Model: NIASA M4S

  • Load capacity:            Up to 20 kN
  • Useful stroke:             200 mm
  • Speed:                         4 mm/s
  • Weight approx.:          40 kg (without engine)
  • Others:                       Mechanical irreversibility / Mechanical limits / Limit switches /
  •                                    Anti-rotation spindle / …

“The nuclear sector logically has a very high level of demand. Both the design, the validation tests and the manufacturing itself have to be justified down to the smallest detail. At NIASA we feel especially comfortable working for this industry.", says José Miguel Rodríguez, NIASA Technical Director.

Another ARCELOR MITTAL plant incorporates NIASA┬┤s Systems, in a novel application for Electric Linear Actuators


  • NIASA's success story with world´s number one in steel production and mining adds a new chapter in Europe
  • ARCELOR MITTAL`s applications stand out, among others, due to the requirements of their environmental conditions and work cycle.

In this new Project, the Actuators developed and manufactured by NIASA operate in the loading/unloading of the huge torpedoes (named after the characteristic shape of the hoppers) that transport pig iron (metal obtained at the outlet of a blast furnace) by train between factories


Application Specifications

  • Direct exposure of the Actuators to the outdoor conditions.
  • Extremely harsh environment, with air polluted by particles and gases.
  • Installation close to a steel foundry in a liquid state at a very high temperature.
  • Severe load/speed combination and considerable number of cycles/hour.
  • High service life requirement and low maintenance.


  • Electric actuators with the following characteristics
  • Degree of protection IP66 static / IP65 dynamic (IEC 60529).
  • C5 surface protections (ISO 12944-2).
  • Special design of static seals and rod sealing/scraping system.
  • Materials, lubricants, paint coatings... for high temperatures.
  • Ball screws and mechanics in general to measure, with high load capacities.
  • Reducers, motors, limit switches, encoders... also special.
  • etc . . .


Lifting caps

  • Model Actuator:          NIASA T50S
  • Load capacity:            Up to 40 kN
  • Useful stroke:             1.700 mm
  • Speed:                         150 mm/s
  • Weight approx.:          470 kg
  • Facility:                       Vertical up

Handling hooks

  • Model Actuator:          NIASA FM3S
  • Load capacity:            Up to 25 kN
  • Useful stroke:             50 mm
  • Speed:                         20 mm/s
  • Weight approx.:          40 kg
  • Facility:                       Horizontal

“ARCELOR MITTAL is the type of Client with which our NIASA Special Equipment Business Unit fits perfectly: leader in its sector, very demanding applications, close collaboration between Engineering and solutions with a high level of customization and great added value”., says Javier Pascual, CEO of Niasa 

Electric actuators replace traditional hidraulics


  • FORGET ABOUT HYDRAULICS with its high costs, fluid leaks and high maintenance. RADICALLY IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR SYSTEM !!
  • This 100% electric metal forming presses replace the traditional hidraulic presses reducing dramatically the energy consumption, maintenance and overall operating costs and increasing precision and producivity  
  • This project, consolidates NIASA'S presence in the steel sector worldwide.

NIASA has just delivered several high load electric actuators in two different configurations to one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components , allowing them to radically improve the manufacturing processes by gaining manufacturing times, precision in the pressing process together with a significant reduction in cost per piece ratio, thus allowing its customer to be awarded with a large contract against its competitors.

  • Electric Linear Actuators for metal bending, drawing, embossing, blanking, piercing, forging, rolling and extrusion.
  • Simple, robust and low maintenance.
  • Easy control and high positioning accuracy.
  • No oil-leaks, energy-efficient, noisseless...


Model 1 : T50-M505-SR-IPS-KGS6316-0180-00-FES-BS-00-000-00-MS-0000-GRA-ETP-C2

  • Dynamic load capacity:
  • 326,5 kN/Actuator - 71.980 lbf/Actuator
  • Stroke: 180mm - 7,09 in
  • Working Speed: 120 mm/s - 4,72 in/s
  • Duty cycle (IEC 60034-1):
  • Operation ambient I
  • Accessories:
  • Bevel gearbox for right angled motor positioning
  • Special square rod end following the customer´s requirement
  • Special flange on outer tube followig the customer´s requirement
    • Air vents
  • 60 Nm Servomotors and drives
  • Approx. weight: 180 kg/Actuator - 397 lb/Actuator

Model 2 : FJseries-S-IPS-KGS6320-0220-00-GIR-000-BS-00-000-00-MS-A-0000-0-PR-GRA-ETP-C2 

  • Dynamic load capacity: 436 kN/Actuator - 96.121 lbf/Actuator
  • Stroke: 220mm - 8,66 in
  • Working speed: 40 mm/s - 1,57 in/s
  • Duty cycle (IEC 60034-1)
  • Operation ambient I
  • Accessories:
  • Worm gearbox for right angled motor positioning
  • Ball joint rod end to avoid missalignment problems
  • Special flange on outer tube followig the customer´s requirement
    • Air vents
  • 60 Nm Servomotors and drives
  • Approx. weight: 190 kg/Actuator - 419 lb/Actuator