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To offer technically and economically optimal, durable and sustainable electromechanical linear motion solutions to Industrial and Renewable Energy Companies worldwide.


Based on a qualified, committed and ambitious human team, we will grow in the most demanding industrial markets, improving the customer experience in standard products and accessing a growing number of special applications.

We will have as objectives:

  • To be number one in our sector at national level and a European benchmark.
  • Strengthen our position in the industrially leading countries for which we have been working for years.
  • Develop the company and its members to contribute to the achievement of a more egalitarian and respectful society with the environment.


Personal commitment: Orientation to the result.

Collaboration: Share our knowledge, create value and strong and lasting synergistic relationships.

Shared project: Agreed objectives, transparency of results.

Teamwork: Tractor leaders, collaboration and solidarity.

Self-managed teams: Freedom with responsibility.

Professional ethics: We work with a high ethic and with respect for people, the environment and society.


To the founders

Three restless entrepreneurs, Karl Neff from NEFF GmbH, Ricardo Matesanz from Ipiranga, S.A. and Juan Pascual from Maquinaria Onak, S.L. founded Niasa in 1984 with the aim of developing a solid technical-commercial network for the design, manufacture and sale of Spindles, Mechanical Cylinders without Stem, Spindle Elevators and Electromechanical Actuators in Spain.
Today we pay tribute to his entrepreneurial and resilient spirit and his vision of the future of linear movement and all its possibilities.

To workers, consultants, and distributors

To the workers who over the years have contributed with their effort and enthusiasm to make this project possible.
To the advisors for making the road easier.
To the distributors for believing in us.

To customers and suppliers

To all those who have collaborated to make our products excellent.