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Niasa renewables

For more than 20 years we have been involved in the development and implementation of systems for different technologies in renewable energy generation.
We develop linear performance solutions in wind turbines and solar trackers, both in photovoltaic and solar thermal plants, so that we currently have more than 80,000 units in the field generating clean energy with the minimum environmental impact, both in their manufacture and in their daily operation.


Photovoltaic solar trackers:

Since the origin of this technology, we have worked in the development of the most efficient solutions for our customers, showing day by day our commitment to sustainable development and innovation.
The first two-axis PV trackers became popular and enjoyed an unprecedented boom in Spain in the early 2000s.

Since then, together with major global players, we have been involved in projects all over the world:

Heliostats for solar-thermal plants

Concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) plants require very high precision tracking systems for optimal operation, as the receiver is more than 1.5 km away from the external heliostats. NIASA has developed and validated specific actuators for this technology on its test benches.
We are particularly proud of our involvement in various projects having supplied more than 11,000 pieces of equipment.

Wind energy

Pitch control in wind turbines can be done electrically or hydraulically.

In this case, the pitch control was originally designed with a hydraulic cylinder, but its failures and continuous maintenance were extremely burdensome.

Thanks to our electromechanical linear actuators we can operate the pitch control in a much more precise way and avoid any kind of maintenance, thus substantially improving the performance of the machine.

We also manufacture equipment for opening and closing hatches, nacelles, etc... as a replacement for pneumatic solutions.