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Products: Screw jacks


Screw jacks M-J are often, technical and economically, the optimal solution in applications that require precise and safe lineal movement to lift-lower, push-pull, tilt-pivot, lock-unlock...; mainly for medium-heavy loads and medium-low speeds.

Screw jacks combine a screw with a worm gear box and driven by an electric motor, convert rotation into linear motion.

In cases that so require, bellows protect the screw, making Screw jacks also suitable in outdoor or aggressive environments. Available materials and surface coatings allow to cover almost any environmental condition.

NIASA Screw jacks offer you a wide range of load capacities, from 5 to 500 kN (higher on request), tensile and compressive.

A large variety of options and accessories adapt Screw jacks to practically any system that may be designed, including drive (any type of electric motor), detection and control devices (limit switches, encoders, etc.)...

Safety nuts avoid that load falls in case of failure of the operation trapezoidal one, option advisable when a hypothetical failure may result into injuries for people or important damages for the machine.


There are two Screw jack configurations:

  • SR (round tube) & SS (square tube): The screw translates when the gear box input shaft turns. A rear tube protects the screw. Optionally, in version SS a nonrotation device avoids the screw rotation while moving.
  • NU: The nut translates along the screw when it rotates, driven by the input shaft through the gear box.

In both configurations, you can choose between two kinds of precise screws:

  • Trapezoidal (TR): These are a cost-efficient and an excellent option for many cases, especially with rough conditions.
  • Ball (BA): These are more expensive, but have better performances, basically much lower power consumption and high accuracy, repeatability and efficiency. Can usually work under unlimited duty cycles at medium load speeds.

In the same way, two gear box ratios are possible: Normal and Low speed. In combination with different screw leads, motor speeds and additional reducers, make possible to get any movement speed you may need.


High loads
High speeds
High ducty cycle
Predictable life
Axial backlash
Positioning accuracy
Self locking
Low cost
Shock loads
Heat developm.
Trapezial TR ··· · · · ·· ·· · ··· ··· ··· · · ··
Ball BA ·· ··· ··· ··· ··· ··· ··· x 1) ·· ·· ··· ··· ···
1) Good self-locking in combination with gear boxes - low speed
x No ·Bad ··Regular ···Good


The main advantages of NIASA screw jacks against other systems, such as pneumatic and mainly hydraulic cylinders, are the following:

  • Precision of movement and positioning.
  • Safeness, due to their irreversibility in many configurations and/or by adding different braking devices.
  • Energy efficiency, as their parts offer high/very high performance, especially with ball screws, low transmission ratios and high speeds.
  • Easy and fast assembly, since hydraulic or pneumatic groups are not required, but just an electric motor.
  • Reliability and durability, and less maintenance, due to the mechanical robustness and construction simplicity.
  • Modular design.
  • Multiple positions of operation.
  • Easiness to obtain synchronized movements of several equipment, including under different loads.
  • Low size for the same load capacity.
  • Etc.


If you require a safety nut, that avoids load falls in case of breakage of normal nut, see Option: SAFETY NUT.
They are available for all screw jacks sizes, configurations SR/SS and NU, only for trapezoidal screws.

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Let us know your application main data and our Technical Department will design the optimal system in a very short time.


Two M4 Screw jacks

A single 3-phase AC motor with flange / Input shafts connected with transmission shaft / Gear box pivoting flange and supports / Screws with forked end and protection bellows / Stroke limits with inductive detectors / Additional safety brake.


Three M2 Screw jacks

A single handwheel with manual brake and turns-counter / Input shafts connected with transmission shafts / Screws with forked ends.


M5 Screw jack

Special materials and surface coatings for outdoor / 3-phase AC motor / Gear box pivoting flange with trunnions / Screw with ball end and protection bellows / Stroke limits with inductive detectors.


Four M5 Screw jacks

A single 3-phase AC motor with flange / Input shafts connected with transmission shafts and bevel gear boxes / Worm gear box fixing with strips / Screws with fix flanges and protection bellows / Second shafts protections.


Two M5 Screw jacks

A single 3-phase AC motor with flange, second shaft, brake and release lever / Input shaft to motor connected with special shaft / Gear boxes pivoting with flanges and supports / Screws with ball ends and bellows / Second shafts protections.